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iWth over 20 years of recovery experience, INTERNATIONAL STOLEN VEHICLE RECOVERY EXPERTS  Recovery Service is qualified to be your "GO TO" agency when you have a recovery need anywhere in MEXICO. We have earned the trust of the financial community by handling INTERNATIONAL repossessions AND STOLEN VEHICLE RECOVERY  in a professional manner. We can handle Mexican authorities and legal Red Tape,we are the only licensed vehicle recovery agency in the Coutry , and have excellent insurance coverage. 

Our president is a experimented  private investigator, and when you have a skip account, a stolen vehicle, a rental or fraud vehicle INTERNATIONAL STOLEN VEHICLE RECOVERY  is the company with all the skip tracing technology and techniques, as well as a professional staff to help locate the skip, and ultimately, to recover and secure your collateral.

We have the latest repossession equipment to ensure rapid and responsible recoveries. We maintain storage facilities to protect your collateral as well. We can also deliver your collateral to the auction of your choice in California 


We Locate stolen vehicles from the United states driven to Mexico, we call the owners secure the vehicle in many cases, and allways in constan search in mexican impounds for vehicles frome insurance companies of america, we charge low finders fees and responsibly handle your recovered vehicle to prevent further damage or stolen parts.

RIVER SC  is a full service recovery agency with substantial experience and a professional and courteous staff. No other company compares with our rapid response to your recovery needs and the professional manner in which we handle each and every assignment. Should you choose us for your next assignment, you will find that we are the only company you need to call from now on in Mexico.


Phone: 664 1118191  | Toll-Free: 855 241 0152 | Fax: 855 241 0152


CALL TOLL FREE 1-855-241-0152

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